Government Seized Car Auctions - Are They Really Cheap?

 Government seized car auctions can be the only option you have to owing a good and reasonably cheap car. You may have felt a sense of envy whenever you stop at a traffic light junction and see a sleek Mercedes Benz stopping next to you. Before you accelerate from your stationary position when the light turns green, it has taken off and is at a distance ahead of you. You start to wonder why are there so many rich people around who can afford such luxury cars. It does not matter how they can afford these cars. The most important thing is, you can be like them too.

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For years we have seen countless television ads and even received mailings telling of fortunes that could easily be made buying cars and other expensive items for pennies on the dollar at local government seized auto auctions. According to the ads and mailings the government needs to sell cars and luxury items, including million dollar homes, at a fraction of the retail value.

There are a lot of easy ways to buy a cheap car. Of course, you can buy a used car or you can even try to import a car from overseas, but the easiest way to buy really good, even a new car, is through government car auctions. Almost everyone wants to own a car, and yet only a few will be able to afford it. This is because they are very expensive. However, if you are not really looking for something new, or if you like to settle for something that is really cheap, you can always go to government auctions.
These car auctions exist for a purpose, that is, to auction off cars which the government find too expensive to maintain and upkeep. Since the objective is not to profit from it, you would not be paying much more than the amount the government has gotten them for. A lot of times, since the cars there are seized from tax evaders and criminals, the cost of acquiring these vehicles is close to nothing. To the government agencies, keeping them means maintenance and inventory costs. That is why you can find cars in good condition at less than $300 in some cases. Some are even going for $100 only.

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You can gain access to thousands of car auctions by joining a car auction membership site. They give you info like the time, date and location of the next auction taking place in your city, as well as the cars they have for sale. Whether you are a first time buyer or existing car owner, you know how much it costs to get a brand new car at the car dealer. Why not consider government seized car auctions to buy your new or used car.

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